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Sorrento Picnic

Mild semi-hard savoury cheese

Created from Wattlebank Park Farm cow milk
Vegetarian rennet

Red Hill Cheese - Sorrento Picnic

Perfect for picnics with a Pinot Noir!

The 'Picnic' style was developed exclusively at Red Hill Cheese to complement the local wines. Sorrento Picnic is an intriguing semi-hard style in the "mountain cheese" tradition. It exhibits the clean, rich flavours of the Wattlebank Park Farm milk.

Sorrento Picnic has a texture that slices well, a mild but lingering flavour, and clean acid finish. The natural rind may have a coat of white mould.

Sorrento Picnic is texturally a robust, hearty cheese, while the taste remains mild with a clean savoury finish. Serve on a neutral cracker with olive tapenade or pesto. Ideal melting cheese.

* Wedge - Size & Weight: vary with cut.
* Wheel - Size: 22cm diameter x 10cm high - Weight: 2500g

Wine suggestions with this cheese Perfect for picnics with a light red wine, such as Pinot Noir.

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