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Prom Country Cheese - Victoria, Australia

red hill cheese baa black PROM COUNTRY CHEESE
Black Sheep
from the milk of our
Moyarra ewes



Discover something unique...

P R O M   C O U N T R Y   C H E E S E

Pure Sheep Cheese
from the milk of our Moyarra ewes.

lambs red hill cheese

Red Hill Cheesemaker Burke Brandon and wife Bronwyn run their own flock of dairy sheep at Moyarra, South Gippsland. They have been farming sheep for over 20 years, which made the transition into sheep dairying a natural progression and a perfect complement to the Red Hill Cheese range. The sheep run on fertile pastures in the rolling hills south of Korumburra. Wherever possible, the property applies natural farming methods without the use of chemicals. The Red Hill range of sheep products are distinguished by the name

moyarra sheep

The Moyarra cross bred sheep give milk during the peak pasture season of August to December, and are then grazed over the summer in the mountain pastures for breeding. The milk is shared between the lambs, who stay on their mothers overnight, and cheese making, producing a small range of handcrafted cheeses such as mild Prom Picnic (a true Pecorino), a farmhouse soft cheese called Baa Black and a white mould Woolamai Mist. Occasionally you'll find a pot or two of thick, creamy Moyarra Yoghurt. These styles are really showcased when made from pure sheep milk.

red hill sheep

Our small flock of ewes yield around 1-2 litres each per day of milk. It is super-rich, making cheese with a unique texture and yoghurt of unrivalled natural density. The cheesemaking qualities and techniques of production are completely different to those of other milks and it is suitable for those who are unable to tolerate cow milk.

milking red hill cheese

Enjoy our sheep products while they are available!

sheep yoghurt

Learn more and contribute on Burke's Sheep Dairy Blog.

burke & ewe


Red Hill Cheese ® and Prom Country Cheese™  are trading names of Moyarra Pastoral Pty Ltd
ABN 76 548 865 082


rhc From Pasture to Picnic -
Where are the sheep?

Burke & Bronwyn Brandon and children produce the most wonderful sheep milk
on their picturesque farm in the Moyarra valley, near Korumburra in South Gippsland, Victoria.

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