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Misty Valley

Traditional soft white mould goat cheese

Created from 100% free-range goat milk
Vegetarian rennet

Red Hill Cheese, Victoria, Australia - Misty ValleyRed Hill Cheese, Victoria, Australia - Misty Valley with Champagne
Champagne Cheese

Delicate with complex, coconut and blue flavours and pleasantly stimulating aroma.

Misty Valley has a marshmallow texture when young, & slowly ripens from the outside to the core, becoming a rich, sticky mess when fully mature.

Ready to eat, though mild, at around 6 weeks - will be unforgettably rich and creamy after 8-10 weeks of age, when golden flora may appear to influence bouquet and flavour. Some prefer this cheese with about one-third chalky core, to take advantage of the different textures & flavours of the pâte.

Red Hill Cheese Mini - Size: 6.5cm diameter x 4-5cm high - Weight: 150-180g
Red Hill Cheese Round - Size: 10cm diameter x 2-3cm high - Weight: 220-250g
Wheel Wheel - Size: 22cm diameter x 2-3cm high - Weight: 1300g
Wheel Dinner Party Wheel - Size: 13cm diameter x 3cm high - Weight: 400-500g

Wine suggestions with this cheese Match with Pinot Noir or as a pre-dinner cheese with dry sparkling white.

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