Product Fact Sheet

Kongwak Reserve
with Mountain Pepper Berries

Spicy, mature, true farmhouse sheep Pecorino

Created from the milk of our Moyarra ewes
Vegetarian rennet

Red Hill Cheese, Mornington Peninsula, Australia - Pecorino
True Pecorino is made only from sheep milk

A firm table cheese with all the characteristics of a 12-month mature sheep cheese: fragrant aroma and slightly crunchy texture, with the added lively flavour of local pepper berries.

Serve as a distinctive, savoury table cheese with olives and rye bread.

* Wedge - Size & Weight: 200g approx. - size varies with cut.
* Wheel - Size: 22cm diameter x 10cm high - Weight: 2300g

Beer suggestions with this cheeseLoch Brewery & Distillery County Ale

Wine suggestions with this cheeseShiraz

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