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Foster Fetish

Classic brine-matured SHEEP cheese
from the milk of our Moyarra ewes
Vegetarian rennet

Red Hill Cheese, Victoria, Australia

Mediterranean style!

Available fresh out of brine, or bottled with olive oil, garlic, herbs and spices. Semi-hard with a fine, crumbly texture and a sharp, tangy but creamy flavour that intensifies on the palate with a most pleasing aftertaste. You will want to come back for more. The saltiness arising from the brine in which the cheese is matured, is less than in most fetas, and can be further reduced by soaking in cold water or milk before serving.

Marinated cubes in glass jar - 300g av. weight (nett) containing approx. 200g cheese.
Marinated cubes in poly bucket - 800g (av. nett) - available cellar door & markets only.
Marinated Food Service bucket - 2kg (av. nett) - available cellar door only.
Blocks fresh out of brine - Size: 10cm square x 5cm thick (approx. 450g).

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