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This biennial event has become the leading international festival for quality cheese producers. At the seventh edition this year, the world’s most renowned artisan cheesemakers (presidium producers included), affineurs, sellers and shepherds will once again come together to present their cheese to an enthusiastic public.

An estimated total of 150,000 people wandered through the streets and piazzas at the last edition of Cheese in 2009, looking, tasting, learning, chatting with cheesemakers or listening to one of the many concerts. Almost one-third of the visitors came from outside Italy, highlighting the international nature of the festival, which brings together cheeses from countries around the globe: from France to Australia, and from Cape Verde to Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Red Hill Cheese founders Trevor & Jan were co-presenters of a workshop on Australian Goat Cheese "Caprini d'Australia" at Cheese '07.


Bra Cheese Festival

(Transcript from Delicious Italy website)

This is one of the biggest appointments of the year for all of us passionate about eating well. Described as the biggest collection of quality cheeses in Italy each year, 'Cheese - Le Forme del Latte' is organised by Slow Food, the City of Bra and the Ente Turismo Alba, Bra, Langhe and Roero.

The event is usually held over the 3rd weekend of September every two years and is 7 years old now. 'Cheese - Le Forme del Latte' attracts around 150,000 people and the organisers expect them to eat 400kg of Swiss Cheese and buy 1200kg of Italy's finest mozzarella. The whole of Bra is involved with stands lining the length of the 'centro storico'.

The overall aim is to promote regional producers and local products who are under threat from inevitable market forces. In fact, an important initiative has been the setting up of 'Cheese Bimbi' where children aged 4-10 years can learn about the traditional methods of cheese production and get to taste products they might not find on the shelves of their local supermarket.

A recent adddition to the above event has been the revival of interest in the 'transumanza', the once common movement of sheep as the seasons change, and a renewed appreciation of the importance of pastoral life for the ancient history of Italy.

A recent television programme also shed light on the life of modern shepherds in Abruzzo. Who are they? Well, many working the hills of Gran Sasso are immigrants from Montenegro who came over to Italy following the recent Balkan war. They described their life as physically tough and lonely and it seems no one else wants to do it. The product of their work, however, is the luscious 'Pecorino Tenero di Castel del Monte'.

Look out for it in Bra.

(Excerpts from archived entry 23 Sept 2007 by Rachel - 'More is Less' website:

"What is Cheese? It’s not what you think: CHEESE is four days of cheese, wine and food bliss in the small town of Bra, Italy. Located in the province of Cuneo, just south of Turin, Bra is the headquarters for Slow Food International. If you haven’t heard of it, Slow Food is an association that promotes the pleasures of the table, taking time to eat and eating food that tastes good and is good for you. Slow Food also promotes biodiversity and the historical memory of culinary traditions.

"Every two years Slow Food organizes CHEESE here in Bra. Although cheese is the protagonist of this event, wine is certainly its ally. There are numerous enoteche throughout the various exhibits and marketplace. Yesterday I discover the Super Whites stand, which features over fifty lovely white wines from the Friuli region of Italy. For 3 euros you get a glass and a generous pour of the wine of your choosing.

"Perhaps the most amazing and overwhelming attraction here at Cheese is the Gran Sala del Formaggio e Enoteca. There are nearly 2000 wines that can be tasted by the glass and over 100 cheeses from around the world. This all takes place under a beautiful historic portico with a wall of wines on one side, cases of cheese and comfortable tables setup under tents on the other side. This is where I have been camping out."

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Bra Festival
Bra Festival
Bra Festival
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